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1 BTC = $19467.10 USD

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The online Bitcoin converter is the fastest way to get today’s exchange rates of Bitcoin (BTC), millibitcoin (mBTC), bits(µBTC), or satoshis in any local currency.

Get the Bitcoin price in USD, or select from other currency conversions like Bitcoin to Euro, Bitcoin to Japanese Yen or Bitcoin to British Pound Sterling.

To quickly check and compare the prices on the leading global Bitcoin exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, or, use the Bitcoin price table below.

* Average Price Index is a weighted average of bitcoin prices across the most used global exchanges.
** All non-USD exchange rates and currency conversions are based on rates obtained via

📈 Bitcoin price table

You can use the Bitcoin price table as an easy reference to have a complete, up-to-date and clear overview of the bitcoin prices on the major exchanges.
Exchange / Currency 1 BTC in USD 1 BTC in EUR 1 BTC in GBP 1 BTC in JPY 1 BTC in CNY 1 BTC in AUD 1 BTC in ILS 1 BTC in CHF
Avg. Price Index $19467.10 €16296.01 £14585.05 ¥2032064.30 ¥128072.10 $26476.31 ₪64342.01 ₣17643.53
Binance $19483.08 €16309.39 £14597.02 ¥2033731.99 ¥128177.20 $26498.04 ₪64394.81 ₣17658.01
Coinbase $19493.00 €16317.69 £14604.45 ¥2034767.48 ¥128242.47 $26511.53 ₪64427.60 ₣17667.00 $19478.60 €16305.64 £14593.66 ¥2033264.35 ¥128147.73 $26491.95 ₪64380.00 ₣17653.95
Kraken $19490.00 €16315.18 £14602.20 ¥2034454.33 ¥128222.73 $26507.45 ₪64417.68 ₣17664.28
Bittrex $19485.60 €16311.50 £14598.90 ¥2033995.04 ¥128193.78 $26501.47 ₪64403.14 ₣17660.29
Bitfinex $19495.00 €16319.37 £14605.95 ¥2034976.25 ¥128255.62 $26514.25 ₪64434.21 ₣17668.81
Bitstamp $19483.22 €16309.50 £14597.12 ¥2033746.60 ¥128178.13 $26498.23 ₪64395.27 ₣17658.14
Gemini $19496.47 €16320.60 £14607.05 ¥2035129.70 ¥128265.30 $26516.25 ₪64439.07 ₣17670.15
OKEx $19482.17 €16308.63 £14596.33 ¥2033637.00 ¥128171.22 $26496.80 ₪64391.80 ₣17657.19
BitBay $19308.70 €16163.41 £14466.37 ¥2015529.42 ¥127029.98 $26260.87 ₪63818.46 ₣17499.97
bitFlyer $19442.30 €16275.25 £14566.46 ¥2029475.19 ¥127908.92 $26442.58 ₪64260.03 ₣17621.05

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About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency without a central authority. This means bitcoin can be transferred from user to user without the need of central banks or other middlemen.

This makes Bitcoin a new type of digital money that works very differently than traditional money. Every bitcoin transaction is recorded and verified on a public bitcoin network, called a blockchain.

Just like any traditional currency, bitcoins can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services. Millions of bitcoins are exchanged daily and, as a result, it is getting more and more accepted as a valid payment system.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What is a bitcoin price calculator and how does it work?

    A bitcoin calculator gives you the price of bitcoin (BTC) in US-dollar or any fiat currency. You can also convert the price from fiat currencies into Bitcoin. The conversion rate displayed is often an average of multiple exchanges.

    More advanced calculators, such as the bitcoin price converter you can find on this website, take price movements of individual exchanges into account too. With our Bitcoin calculator, you can easily get the current conversion rate of the Bitcoin exchange of your preference.

  2. Which exchanges does the Bitcoin converter support?

    The Bitcoin converter gives you the latest rates from the major Bitcoin exchanges: Binance, Coinbase,, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Gemini, OKEx, BitBay, bitFlyer, and Liquid. More exchanges will be added soon.

  3. How to get the Bitcoin price in my local currency?

    You can convert Bitcoin (BTC), millibitcoin (mBTC), bits(µBTC) and satoshi with the Bitcoin price converter to the most popular currencies, including US Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Chinese Yuan, British Pound Sterling, Israeli New Shekel, Japanese Yen, Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira, South African Rand, Swiss Franc and any other major currency.

  4. What is a bitcoin exchange?

    A bitcoin exchange platform is a digital marketplace where traders can buy and sell bitcoins using various currencies like US-Dollar. The exchange acts as a broker between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies.

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